An Introduction to Covenant Theology In these sermons, Rev. Michael Ericson of Trinity Presbyterian Reformed Church, does an expository study of God’s covenants in Scripture. Links and embedded audio players have been added for your convenience. These sermons, which provide insight into the covenants of Scripture, are sure to edify you and prove to be a helpful resource. I. The […]

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Jesus ‘Bound the Strong Man’ and What That Means for You

August 29, 2017  | Brandon D. Crowe Share Bible & Theology Lightstock All Christians acknowledge that the Gospels are vital for discipleship today. But interpreting and applying the Gospels can be difficult since they’re about things that happened a long time ago—“back then.” What difference do these ancient events make for our daily lives? The Gospels are relevant […]

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March 30: The Office of Ruling Elder

30 March, 2018 in March 2018 by archivist | No comments Lately there has been a good bit of discussion on the nature of the offices in the Church. Addressing that subject, we’d like to present the following. As explained below, the following article by Franklin Pierce Ramsay appeared posthumously in the July 1930 issue of […]

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Scotland’s Forgotten Revival

  This was the period of greatest revival throughout the whole nation that Scotland has ever experienced. It went deeper, further and lasted longer than any other. Let’s learn the lessons we can apply today as we see what God did in great power in the past. This is Part 2 in the series of […]

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