Alasdair Groves and David Powlison sit down and talk about reading Scripture. Length: 23:15   Additional Resource: “Psalm 103 with David Powlison” by David Powlison This and similar topics related to bringing life to Scripture and Scripture to life will be addressed further at the 2018 National Conference. Click here for more […]

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So Much Fear and Anxiety

by Ed Welch One pastoral goal is to make Scripture meaningful so that it speaks to everyday struggles. Among these everyday struggles, it’s likely that fear and anxiety top your list. These really are everywhere. Here are ways I encountered fear and anxiety over just the last twenty-four hours. I celebrated with the parents of […]

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Faith by Dr ED Welch

Author: Ed Welch Date: July 18, 2013 Category: Blog Posts Topics: Faith I asked a new friend how he came to know Jesus—always a great story. He had been a searcher from his early teens and investigated the religions of his best friends. After hearing an apologist for one faith, my friend was stunned by […]

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Topics: Repentance, Sin, Spiritual Warfare In a world of shysters and cons, you are wise to be alert to their strategies. When at the train station in Rome, pickpockets are everywhere so keep money and important documents secure. When you receive internet requests for money, ignore them. When you are promised a 10% return on […]

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Author:Julie Lowe Date: July 18, 2016 Category: Blog Posts, Featured One of our children often finds herself in trouble. Early on, I became acutely aware of how much we were disciplining, addressing and correcting her. Though her behavior very much needed correction, I found it a bit discouraging as a parent. I felt strict and […]

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