Commenting Rules

Commenting Rules

Readers are welcome to post comments on the material posted here, but some simple rules apply:
1.No trolls allowed
2.I reserve the right to edit or refuse comments.
3.This site is meant to express my point of view. If you are looking for a soapbox to promote your own views, create your own website or blog site.
4.Comments should be brief (preferably under 100 words), polite, constructive and informed.
5.Comments which are simply attacks on myself, or are done in bad taste, or use rude language, or are possibly defamatory will not be posted.
6.You must state your full name to have your comments posted.
7.I may reply to some of your comments but will not be able to respond to all.

If you are happy to abide by these rules, then by all means, send in your comments. Happy writing!

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