The blood of the Godly Reformers fertilized the Word of God in Europe

On uttering this, Cranmer was pulled down from the stage and led to the fire. Having put off his outer
garments, he stood there in a shirt which hung down to his feet. His beard was long and thick, and covered
his bosom. Then was an iron chain tied about him, and the fire set to the faggots. When these were kindled,
and the fire began to burn near him, stretching out his arm he put his right hand into the flame, holding it
there immovable. Thus did he stand, moving no more than the stake to which he was bound. His eyes were
lifted to heaven and often he repeated, “This hand hath offended; oh, this unworthy right hand!” At last, in
the greatness of the flame, he cried, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit!” and gave up the ghost.
“Antichrist, which now by the will of God doth rage for the trial of our faith, doth nothing else but procure
us a ready horse to bring us to heaven.” So said that holy man John Bradford; “brother Bradford,” as Ridley
called him. And he too was burned. When led to the stake, he took a faggot in his hand and kissed it,
rejoicing to suffer death in the cause of Christ. Standing then by the stake, with both hands uplifted, he
cried, “O England, England! repent thee of thy sins; repent thee of thy sins; beware of idolatry; beware of
the false antichrists; take heed they do not deceive thee.”
Cranmer, Ridley, Latimer, and Bradford were burned for their testimony against the Papal antichrist, just as
Huss and Jerome and Cobham had been before. Thousands of martyrdoms have sealed this testimony, and
on this testimony rests the Reformation. To reject this testimony is to reject the foundation of that work; it
is to reject the foundation of the noblest and divinest work which has been wrought in this world since the
day of Pentecost

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