Scotland’s Forgotten Revival

  This was the period of greatest revival throughout the whole nation that Scotland has ever experienced. It went deeper, further and lasted longer than any other. Let’s learn the lessons we can apply today as we see what God did in great power in the past. This is Part 2 in the series of […]

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Faith by Dr ED Welch

Author: Ed Welch Date: July 18, 2013 Category: Blog Posts Topics: Faith I asked a new friend how he came to know Jesus—always a great story. He had been a searcher from his early teens and investigated the religions of his best friends. After hearing an apologist for one faith, my friend was stunned by […]

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March 17: How To Reform the Church

17 March, 2018 in March 2018 by archivist | No comments Continuing our brief series on the “TR” controversy in the 1970s, this was the second article published on the pages of The Presbyterian Journal. THE PRESBYTERIAN JOURNAL, 35.46 (16 MARCH 1977): 7. If you want your people genuinely Reformed, deal gently and in the […]

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March 21: The “Marrow Men”

21 March, 2017 in March 2017 by archivist | 1 comment Today, through an address delivered by Dr. Alexander Whyte in 1902, we will examine closer a pivotal moment in the life of the great Scottish pastor Thomas Boston, and by his actions, a moment of immense importance that has rippled down through the centuries. […]

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March 10: Dr. R. Laird Harris

10 March, 2018 in March 2018 by archivist | No comments There was a good deal of serious scholarship which arose from among the early leaders of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the Bible Presbyterian Synod. And of the many who accomplished so much in their study and defense of the Scriptures, the Rev. Dr. […]

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