The Secrets Behind Martial Arts !

1 -The Roots of the Tree

The Martial Arts from east to west . . . Who, where, how, why and when ?

And be ye not unequally yoked (joined) together with unbelievers: For what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness ? and what communion hath Light with darkness ?”
II Corinthians 6:14

– Why do we see such a strong growing presence of Asian martial arts and Eastern mysticism in our culture over the last 30 years ?

– What has been the influence and effect of these Eastern mystical arts upon the last two generations ?

– Does the study of martial arts really lead to a more “disciplined” and “spiritual ” way of life, as is being promoted by the media today ?

Today, Martial Arts schools, Yoga classes, and Tai-chi seminars have become main-stream in almost every American home. No longer are these eastern mystical practices considered esoteric, or reserved for only a chosen few. Everywhere we can see the steady spread and influence of these once classified and secret arts.

Children, ages 5 to 12 are being shuttled to after-school programs at the local karate dojo, or Tae-kwon-do club. Athletes in high school and college programs are being encouraged to enroll and participate in various
styles of “self-defense” in order to increase heightened physical power and mental awareness. House wives and soccor moms are retreating to local Tai-chi and Yoga studios, with the promise of revitalizing their youth, increasing flexibility, and regaining health and ‘personal empowerment’.

Business professionals and executives are being trained in eastern philosophies, through internal arts such as Aikido, and Qigong, for ‘stronger focus,’ business strategy, and stress management. With more than 30,000 martial art schools across the USA alone, and new studios opening every year; training 21.7 million practitioners; is it any surprise at the swelling tide of eastern religion and new age thought we are seeing flood the church.

But where did this all begin ?
And how did our country, once Christian in it’s beliefs, so readily
accept the spiritual practices of the far east ? Have the religions of
China, India, Okinawa and Japan been cleverly repack-aged in the west as “Family Fun”, Physical Fitness, Self-defense, Self-improvement, and Self-esteem ?                                                                           John 8:32

Are the Martial Arts based purely on physical prowess and philosophy . . . or are they a religion ?
– What do the dragon, the phoenix, and the tiger represent which adorn the traditional martial art schools ?
– Why do the students bow when they enter the dojo, and before addressing an Instructor ?
– Who are the men, the images, the pictures and the symbols to which these martial artists show such adoration and reverance ?
– And why are students often required to remove their shoes upon entering the training floor ?
Now Learn the Truth . . .

The Roots of the Tree – All martial arts trace their roots back to the false religions and paganism of Asia. The idea that man has within himself the power and ability to become supra-human, and “godlike”. This was the very first deception with which Satan has blinded the human race. ref: Genesis 3:4-5

All the martial arts around the world have as their foundation and root, the Shaolin Temple of China. Shaolin was then, and is today a Buddhist temple. Their primary purpose is to evangelize and share Chan Buddhism and Taoism with the entire world.

Both of these religions teach that there is no personal God, that there is no single Almighty Divine Being, nor that He has a Son Who created, controls, and upholds all the universe by the Word of His power, and holding each of us accountable for the life He has freely given us !

They teach; that what is known as “god” by the western Christian world, is actually an energy force, or “great spirit”. And that through proper breathing techniques, meditation, mantras, spiritual exercises and life style, we may all become one with this ‘divine energy.’

This is Pantheism to it’s core. This is a counterfeit of the Truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth (Yehushua ha Moshiac). For in John 17:17-23, Jesus says that we may become one with The Father (Almighty God, Jehovah, Yehuwah), only through faith in the Life, death, sacrifice, and glorious resurrection of His Son; and through faith yin yang gold1in the free Gift and promised Blessing of His indwelling Holy Spirit !

So, if the Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu believe that we can become
one with the universal energy or cosmos (their god), is it not also through the indwelling of a spirit ?

In the Chinese martial arts,        Chi = breath = spirit

As martial artists, the power, control and demonstration of “Chi energy” is considered the highest ability. Therefore they train in meditation and breath control, in order to open the mind to the influence of the spirit world. A spirit of war instead of peace, a spirit of pride instead of humility, a spirit of works and self-justification rather than faith in the Only Begotten Son of the LORD God Almighty (Yehuwah Elohim).

When these spirits influence, control, and eventually enter the practitioner’s life; unbelievable and amazing feats, skills, and abilities may be performed by the martial artists. The spirits deceive us into believing that these “unnatural abilities” are ours alone! And that we may attain these “powers” through our own hard works and dedication to the arts. Little do most people realize, that it is the spirits that use them, and not the other way around.

In the Book of Revelation, chapter 16:14 and 18:2 we are told that in these last and final days of earth’s history, there will be the manifestation of miracle-working spirits (demons), which go forth to deceive the whole world. And that every man, woman, and child will either be filled with the Spirit of the Living God, or with the spirits of this world !

Martial & Magical Skills –
As in any pagan religion, physical
activities always lead to deeper “spiritual” truths. The Chinese martial arts and their asian counterparts are no stranger to this concept.

Students always begin with very basic, fundamental exercises, i.e. stances, footwork, kata, punching, blocking and kicking. As the student progresses in the control of his/her motor skills and balance, they are slowly introduced to the idea, and principles of breath control, and “internal” strength or power.

According to Eastern mysticism, breathing is both a physical and spiritual exercise. The ability to control ones breathing and respiration is used to enter an altered state of consciousness, or hypnosis. This then opens the door from the physical to the spirit world. Deep breathing and meditation are then presented to enhance one’s physical abilities. This is often being taught a a new form of ‘science’ or ‘metaphysics.’ It is a deadly mixture of ancient occult practices with scientific terminology attached.

With this new learned power, a punch is no longer “just a punch.” The masters of kung-fu teach that chi is like the batteries inside the toy. Chi is what creates real power. At Black belt level, most often, “internal” or “chi” training is used in the demonstration of breaking boards, bricks, ice and stone.

At the level of an experienced disciple or master (usually 5th – 6th dan), these skills begin to take on a more mystical/occult flavor. Along with these “special skills”, come those ideas and beliefs which are an integral part of the religions of the far east. All of these, Almighty God (Jehovah, Yehuwah) strictly forbids in His Word, and declares them as abominations, and counterfeits of the gifts of the Holy Spirit !

Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the ways of the heathen, and be not dsimayed at the signs of heaven (the zodiac); for the heathen are dismayed at them . . . And when thou art come into the land which the LORD (Jehovah, Yehuwah) thy God (Elohim) giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations . . . for all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD . . . !”     Jeremiah 10:2 & Deuteronomy 18:9-12.

These abilities include –

Iron Palm – Luke 10:19 these powers come only from Almighty God through His Spirit, or . . . or they are imparted through the influence of demons.
Iron Body – counterfeit of the gift given to Samson in judges ch. 14-16
Energy Healing – Matthew 10:7-8 counterfeits of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Clairvoyance – Acts 9:1-11 the Holy Spirit reveals the future according to the will of the LORD (Jehovah, Yehuwah).dim mak encylopedia
Clairaudience – Acts 8:26-40 The Spirit of the LORD leads us, not we ourselves.
Telepathy – Matthew 9:4, 12:25 Only Jehovah God and His Son know our thoughts.
Dimmak – also known as death touch, But the touch of Christ Jesus always brought Life and healing, never death – Matthew 26:51, Luke 22:49-51 & Luke 4:40

For the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save (deliver, heal, and make them whole) !”   Luke 9:56

Astral Travel – II Corinthians 12:2-4 a counterfeit of the apostle Paul’s experience.
creative_visualization2Levitation – Matthew 14:26-31 by faith in Christ Jesus only.
Telekinesis* – an occult technique acheived only through wichcraft and wizardry.
Remote Viewing* -currently researched by the CIA, using psychics & occult personnel.
Astrology – Isaiah 47:13, Leviticus 18:25-30, 19:2, 19:26-31 condemns as an abomination.
Spirit Guides – Leviticus 20:6, 20:27, I Samuel 28:7-9, II Kings 21:1-6, II kings 23:24
Hypnosis – Acts 8:9-11, Galatians 3:1 never used in righteousness.
Reincarnation – Hebrews 9:27, John 11:23-24 the lie of the serpent in Eden.
Channeling – I Chronicles 10:13-14, I Samuel 28:8, and Isaiah 8:19 spirit communication
and possession strickly forbidden.
Divination – II Kings 7:17, Jeremiah 28:8-9, Acts 16:16, divining the future is done by witchcraft or demonic possession
Mantras & chanting – Matthew 6:7-8, Deuteronomy 18:9, Jeremiah 10:2 we are warned
not to learn the ways of the heathen, for they are a snare unto mankind !
Talismans & Symbols – Deuteronomy 4:15, Acts 7:43 these are signs of ownership and
possession, and they open the door to the influence of evil spirits.

Hand seals/ Mudras
– the occult, new age, masonic, and vatican higharchy; all secret societies use gestures to open doors to spirit world.
Shakti-pat – Acts 8:18, the occult practice of laying on of hands to transfer spirit energy.
Kundalini – Revelation 12:9, Genesis 3:1 & Isaiah 27:1 the serpent is used throughout Scripture as a symbol of Satan. illussion, hypnotic, deception, devilish wisdom
thirdeye3rd Eye intuition located in frontal lobe; Ezekiel 8:12-9:4, Revelation 7:2-3, 13:16-17 & 14:1 – this is the place of the Seal of Almighty Godor the Mark of the Beast ?
Magic – an illussion always used to deceive or corrupt, Isaiah 8:19-20, Acts 16:16, Genesis 41:8, Exodus 9:11, Daniel 1:20, 2:27-28, Revelation 21:8

Chinese Sorcery
Acts 8:11, Deauteronomy 18:9-12, Isaiah 47:9-12, Revelation 9:21 & 18:23 – the use of paranormal power gained from assistance or control of evil spirits, to conjure, or control elemets, spiritual alchemy, pharmakia.

The Greek word for sorcery (3095, 3096, 3097 & 5331) is = “a magician or oriental scientist”

Is it merely a coincidence that Qigong, and other practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine are today being called “science” !

Stand now with thy enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries, wherein thou hast laboured from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail ? Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, thy monthly fortune tellers, stand up and deliver thee from those things that shall come ! . . .”   Isaiah 47:12-13

The Principles of Yin/Yang –

The Taoist doctrine of yin/yang has been adopted by the Buddhist, Hindu, New Age movement, and all Occultists. This deadly lie is even infiltrating every aspect of our modern western culture. The basic teaching of “Tao” or yin/yang is that light cannot exist without darkness, that positive cannot exist without negative, and that good cannot exist without evil !

The very premise of this ancient pagan philosophy contradicts the very nature of light, and the scientific laws which govern our universe. As noted by a renown scientist of the 20th century:

You can have lots of heat, even more heat, super-heat, mega-heat, unlimited heat, white heat, a little heat, or no heat; but we don’t have anything called ‘cold’. We can hit up to 458 degrees below zero, which is no heat, but we can’t go any further after that.

There is no such thing as cold ! otherwise we would be able to go colder than the lowest -458 degrees. Every body or object is susceptible to study when it transmits energy, and heat is what makes a body or matter have or transmit energy. Absolute zero (-458 F) is the total absence of heat.

You see, sir, cold is only a word we use to describe the absence of heat. We cannot measure cold. Heat we can measure in thermal units, because heat is energy.

Cold is not the opposite of heat, sir, it is just the absence of it.”

Silence across the room. A pen drops somewhere in the classroom . . . sounding like a hammer.
“What about darkness, professor. Is there such a thing as darkness ?”

‘Yes’, the professor replies without hesitation. ‘What is night if it isn’t darkness ?’

‘You’re wrong again, sir. Darkness is not something; it is the absence of something. You can have low light, normal light, bright light, flashing light, but if you have no light constantly you have nothing and it’s called darkness, isn’t it ?

That the meaning we use to define the word. In reality, darkness isn’t ! If it were, you would be able to make darkness darker, wouldn’t you ?”

“All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made ! In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men . . . Then spake Jesus (Yehushua) again unto them, saying, I AM the Light of the world: he that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light of Life ! ”
John 1:3-4, 8:12

The principle of yin/yang states that all things, good and evil are part of “Tao“. And that “tao” is the highest “force” and god of the universe. This “universal energy”, force or spirit is symbolized by the Chinese yin/yang. This symbol reveals the very nature of the “god” they serve. The doctrine of Taoism teaches that light is equal with darkness, positive yinyang snake2is equal with negative, that good and evil are in reality the same, and that all things are “truth”, based on how you view them?

Eastern religions teach that all things extend from, and return to this force or spirit called “tao“. Therefore all things good and bad are part of this “universal energy”. And since they emanate and proceed from “tao” and tao is considered to be god, and dwells within them, all things are said to have divinity within themselves. Therefore nothing can be called “evil”, since it has “god” within, and is ” divine” itself, by nature. This idiology erases all absolutes.

This is the very same same lie, which are first parents were told by the serpent in the EveinEdengarden of Eden. “your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods . . .” Genesis 3:4-5

Taoism teaches that angels and demons are therefore just opposite sides of higher levels of energy, or intelligence in the universe. And that we as mortal human beings can through meditation, and “spiritual exercises” acheive the final evolution, and become like them; gods in the universe!

This is the very doctrine which Alister Crowley, an infamous occultist, rock n’ roll icon, and idol taught his disciples. “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law “. He is known, even by secular sources as the most evil man of the 20th century!
We as Christians, and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ (Adoni Yehushua ha Moshiac), are thought of as bigots because we judge that something is right or wrong, good or evil, based on the Word of Almighty God. Taoism states; that nothing in and of itself can be good or bad, but rather it is only by the way in which it is used. And that all things are acceptable in moderation, and when kept in balance.

For example: homosexuality is not a “bad” or “evil” thing, it just must be kept in balance with other aspects of society, and within one’s own lifestyle. Taoism teaches that male = yang and female = yin. If you are a male in a relationship with another male lover, since the yin portion of your life is lacking, you must seek to achieve bal-ance through by eating more yin herbs and foods, by wearing more yin (feminine) colors and clothing. How perverse. This is an absolute lie !

The Holy Bible declares, “The devil is a lier, and the father (originator) of all lies !”
John 8:44Calvary2

The Word of Almighty God says; that Jehovah (Yehuwah) so loved this world , He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus (Yehushua) to pay the penalty for all of our sins; and buy us back; redeeming us from the cruel bondage of slavery and sin. He came to set the captives FREE !

ref: John 3:16-17, Luke 4:17-19, Isaiah 61:1-3.

” If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness !” I John 1:9    “But God (Yehuwah), Who is rich in His mercy, for His great love wherewith He hath loved us, Even when we were dead in sins and rebellion, hath He quickened us (raised us to life) together with His Son Jesus Christ (Yehushua the Messiah), for by grace ye are saved (delivredliquiddropered, set free, rescued, healed and made whole) !” Ephesians 2:4-7

“For GOD (Yehuwah Elohim) commendeth (demonstrated) His love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us !   Much more then, being now justified (declared innocent, holy, righteous) by His blood, we shall be saved (delivered, set free, rescued, healed, and made whole) from wrath through Him. For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to Yehuwah by the death of His Son, how much more, being now reconciled, we shall be saved by His Life !”   Romans 5:8-10

“Buried with Him in (by) baptism, wherein also ye are risen with Him through faith in the opperation (mighty work) of God, Who hath raised Him from the dead. And you being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath He quickened (raised to Life) together with Christ, having forgiven you all trespasses !” Colossians 2:12-13

rejoiceAs far as the east is from the west, so far hath He removed our transgressions (rebellion) from us !” Psalm 103:1-12

“Can a woman forget her nursing child ? so that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb ? Yea, thay may forget, but I will not forget thee! Behold, I have graven thee on the palms of My hands; thy walls are continually before Me . . . !

For thus saith the LORD (Jehovah, Yehuwah) Even the captives of the mighty (evil ones) shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible (Satan) shall be delivered !

For I will contend with him that contendeth with thee , and I will save (deliver, set free, heal and make whole) thy children !”     Isaiah 49:14-16, 24-25

Question – Is it possible that mankind is being initiated into a global false religion through eastern mysticism,  Buddhist philosophy, yoga and the martial arts ?

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92 Responses to 1 -The Roots of the Tree

  1. Rusty says:

    All this third eye stuff and chi energy is a separate practice from martial arts you can’t have spiritual powers without meditation

  2. Jon Baptiste says:

    Everything what you said in the video on YouTube connected with me and I always had a strong interest in martial arts because of the dangerous area I live in. Is it possible to learn how to defend yourself with out using evil spirits or just replacing the evil with the Holy Spirit. David knew how to defend himself from Goliath and his soldiers knew the same against their enemies. Ecclesiastes chapter 3 says there’s a time for everything. I understand that Jesus said to turn the other cheek but what if I get confronted by someone with a knife again and there’s no way out the next time. Wouldn’t it be better if I knew how to defend myself and disarm him rather than one of us die from a struggle for it. I wouldn’t want to die and leave my children fatherless without showing them the love of the Heavenly Father or taking away my offenders chance at salvation over a mistaken loyalty of gangs. Your input will be greatly appreciated and seriously thought over. I have no desire for power or the spiritual aspects of Martial Arts just the techniques that don’t involve any symbolism of the occult.

    • “Damaris” says:

      I understand your question and I myself was concerned with security in my dangerous city. I think the better way is to trust God, because He is sovereign. I don’t know if is recommendable for a Christian to learn a type of self defense technique, probably a question you should ask to a minister or the like, but I know there is a Israeli technique of self defense. Maybe it does not have a oriental influence.

    • Martial Art without “spiritual aspects” is like a gun without bullet.

    • GMAIL says:

      Boxing, and Krav maga is your best bet.

    • Diane says:

      Having been converted by the Lord Himself while I was involved in spiritualism and experiencing powerful supernatural manifestations, I recognised so many similarities between the ‘behind the scenes’ philosophy and teachings to those of martial arts. It’s all the same source, I’m afraid: it’s from Satan and no other. And the ONLY way to defeat those powers is using Christ’s name in faith, (I found that demons fled at the mention of His name spoken in faith), and having our minds flooded with Bible truth to quote texts to those powers accurately, to protect our minds from their influence. I am still learning myself, after some 40 years of being a Christian, that we are to learn to trust and rely SOLELY on God’s power to defend AND deliver us: that’s what all the Bible stories are about, such as David and Goliath – it’s not in OUR strength that spiritual victories are won, but in the strength He gives to us when in need. If God wants us to be delivered from dangerous situations, if we pray in faith and trust, He will do this.

      • E Lye says:

        Small correction ,,, one kind of demon cannot be expelled in Jesus’s name. Read Mark 9:28-29 .

    • campbell says:

      Hi Friend;
      Proverbs 3:5-6 (NKJV) 5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
      And lean not on your own understanding;
      6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
      And He shall direct[a] your paths.

      And also:- Jeremiah 10:23 “O LORD, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps.”

      Also; Psalm 94:22 (KJV) 22 But the Lord is my defence; and my God is the rock of my refuge.

      When you consider all these Bible verses and you meditate deeply you will find out that if you totally and absolutely give the Lord you all; all the power of knowledge and defence shall come unto you and many more. remain blessed.

    • First you have to ask yourself are you willing to ask Father God to reveal to you the truth and willing to adhere to what He says?
      yes their is a way to learn from Father God how to defend yourself…starting with Scripture. Psalms 91 and the meditation of His Word, meditate on this chapter. Starts with the secret place of God. Psalm 91:1 You put yourself in that secret place. Believing what He has said about you and that He is responsible for your safety, putting you at the right place at the right time (which means you have avoided evil, car accidents, putting money in the wrong place all of it) b/c the Holy Spirit is leading you! Saul sought after a woman who spoke with spirits (I Chronicles 10 the whole chapter so that when you get to 14 you understand it all in context! Context is king). When you are learning martial arts who is the teacher/leader speaking to? It’s an atmosphere. Knowing the roots of “martial arts” why would you even consider going against God and not having faith in Him to be your protection first and foremost? Is it our own reasoning and own opinion that become “god” and the way to go? If you really know how much you are loved by God (this comes from hearing the Word of God preached from the position of God’s Love for you through Jesus Christ being revealed through Scripture! how do we know that b/c that is exactly what Jesus did on Sunday after He rose from the dead and walked with Cleopas and one other on the road to Emmaus, He shielded their eyes and taught from the beginning about Himself) you would trust Him for your safety Psalms 91 is your protection to speak out loud and believe in your heart and Father God does the rest. He reveals to you b/c the two of you have an intimate relationship meaning your close in your heart God has revealed Himself to you and you know that you are loved. Jesus is so real and tangible, seek Him! I do believe it is very difficult to find a pastor who preaches Jesus Christ through the Scripture BUT ASK FATHER GOD AND HE WILL LEAD TO THE ONE WHO IS JUST RIGHT FOR YOU. When you have heard preaching are you pointed to Jesus Christ and have felt loved and faith stirred? Faith being stirred up is important b/c that is how the Kingdom of heaven operates! Knowing you are Loved by Jesus is your security and rest. Hope this helps.

  3. Darius Paye says:

    Sir I would agree with you on somethings even the fact that martial arts can become spiritual and dangerous but you obviously have no understanding of your own belief in Christian so if I were you I would correct that trinitarian doctrine u believe in before you try correcting any one else’s beliefs or practices

    • James says:

      Dear Darius, I have read and listened to the DVD messages on this site. I am concerned that perhaps you do not fully understand the position Eric puts forward regarding trinitarian doctrine. There is a false trinitarian belief in three gods which I am sure Eric does not believe in. There is a Bible position that there are three persons in what we call the Godhead. This is better called a triune Godhead. Satan has always inspired a false that mimics the true in numerous areas. This is one of them. Space here will not permit me to enlarge on the differences in each belief. It is worth your effort to research this and understand the true verses the counterfeit.
      Kindest regards, James

  4. A. Nuran says:

    I’m amazed that you can fit so many mistakes, distortions and outright falsehoods into a single page. Really, it takes talent and dedication. Let’s just start with a few of them….
    1) “All martial arts trace their roots back to the false religions and paganism of Asia”. Nonsense. Balderdash and codswallop. Every culture in the world from (Catholic) Portugal to (Muslim) Indonesia to (mostly Protestant) America has martial arts.

    2) Breath control is mystical and religious. Even stupider. Breathing is important in every athletic endeavor. Weight lifters increase their power by breathing properly. Long distance runners rely on it. If boxers don’t breathe correctly they run out of gas in the ring.

    3) Iron Palm and Iron Body are simple physical conditioning. There’s nothing “pagan” or “magical” about them.

    4) All the other mystical powers and practices. I’ve been doing martial arts with Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Atheist teachers for a very long time. I’ve never seen any of them channel or reincarnate or offer to tune up my kundalini, do magic, levitate or any of that nonsense. The closest thing to hypnosis I’ve seen is one teacher, a former Top Sergeant, tell us to keep going, the pain is just in your head. If that’s mystical Eastern paganism every Army recruit is a sorcerer.

    • I certainly agree with you A. Nuran —- Its just all about Physicality.. Health & Body conditioning nothing more… Only abt physical fitness NOT ABT WORHISPING SPIRITS OR PAGAN GODS…. Who’s this guy anyway.. a blogger..

    • “Ignorance can be corrected, stupidity remains forever”. Aristophanes

    • IT is all true says:

      All martial arts can be traced and found in the book of Enoch – the fallen angels taught man to forge weapons, fight wars. In Taekwondo – the holy dan gun was and is used as the holy founder of Koera – Dan Gun is considered a god – these gods taught man to fight, they introduced warfare – it is mentioned in the book of enoch, Enoch is genisis in depth. All martial arts boils down to fighting, the Lord hates violence.
      As in the days of Noah – the days were filled with violence, notice how violent society is today, the MMA on TV, video games – all signs and all so readily accepted today.

      • F says:

        I agree with you that many claims of gods teaching man how to come about in warfare, but to state that fighting is wrong is a pretty broad statement to make. Even the nation of Israel fought according in the name of GD, to defend their people from other nations hostile to them. All methods are not covered under the umbrella of a “god-taught” way. It is the intent of the person using it that shows its evil or not. You were heavy involved in eastern mysticism, combined in the systems you studied. Whether you realized or not, the effects were leading you to a deeper devotion to wicked beings. GD hates violence, but knows that things like war are according to man’s hearts. To stand idle by and allow evil to enter a country and destroy it is foolishness. And yes, we are not at war with human beings, but evil beings, according to Ephesians 6:10-18. But that does not discount protecting one’s self against someone who would destroy your family. You would not just pray, but you would give your life to stand between them and the destroyer.

      • E Lye says:

        If you are a practicing Jew, there is a Mitzvot or commandment that states “Not to spare a pursuer, but he is to be slain before he reaches the pursued and slays the latter, or uncovers his nakedness (Deut. 25:12) “. The taking of a life is required in this circumstance.

      • Forrest littlejohn says:

        All in all it is very simple. To show what is out there. To detail every part of it for all to see. Making a decision based on understanding. The martial arts as a whole were never mean’t to have any spiritual basis on it. The idea was combat, not reaching a spiritual level. It was survival during war. The idea of spiritual was one which was according to each teacher. They brought their own belief into the arts of war. There was nothing spiritual about WW2 hand to hand combat. It was war a soldier dealt with. Each man had his own belief system with him.

      • Dave Jackson says:

        So if the lord hates violence…why does he encourage violent actions and even describe violent events in the Bible? He even wrestled with Jacob! That’s pretty “violent”

      • matio kong says:

        it was the same in achient times marital arts isnt evil as long as you use it for self defense or just for entertainment while not severly injuring or killing anyone how is that a sin?

  5. Anthony Berbey says:

    I strongly disagree with this. Martial arts has absolutely nothing to do with Pagan Practices or Satanism. This allows us to become more spiritual beings and build our characters for the better. unless you Try the lessons yourself you have no idea what it means to have the heart and soul of a martial artist. We are stronger against the forces of evil than the rest. We are more tolerable and we do not use these techniques for senseless violence. As I recall Christianity itself has a bloody history of greed, hatred and violence. I am a christian but I am also a martial artist. One must balance wthe dark with the light. in life, there must always be balance.

  6. Drew says:

    This is great and informative, but only to a point. Yes there are many aspects which cannot be understood sociologically by the Western mindset. I could argue why allow Christians to play sports, which are subtle variations on war tactics and power. I pray people actually research the true facts about Asian culture or any culture for that matter (because history is not what it seems and what you see now in history books shouldn’t be taken at face value), because before any of the mysticism which seemingly is in these martial arts were included it has long been in existence with and underlying understanding of how the earth works. It would be better to understand how the Western mindset and Eastern mindset work and sociologically why those two are different then putting a label and saying that Eastern mindset is evil and penetrating Western culture. Thats just ignorant and ignoring but sides of history and sociologically labeling a culture above another. Of course from a Western point of view it seems like demon worship and demonic power, you fear what you cannot understand, but the East and West see the world in which they live in totally different.

  7. RG says:

    You are blinded by your devotion to a demonic religion. There is no lord over us, no one controls our will, we are infinte beings. Gods.

  8. ANGELO says:


  9. Roger, As a martial artist, I must say, the subject (martial arts being evil) has raised an eyebrow!
    Although not fully convinced at this point, it is food for thought!

    • Dear Roger,
      Here is the link to the DVD which was spoken of called, “The Dragon Revealed !” – The Dragon Revealed ! disc.1

      This is disc.1 and the second disc is available from a ministry called Little Light Studios. I pray that this will be a blessing to you. And I encourage you to read and watch some of the other testimonies we have onsite.
      May the LORD God richly bless and keep you this week, strong in faith, and the unfailing power of His Life-giving Word !
      your brother in Christ Jesus,
      Eric Wilson – Isaiah Ministries

      • Impressive, insight full…answered questions…in regards to what you said at the end of the video, of a tall figure behind you, a dark presence this is true, in thinking of the name of Jesus not being able to spear because I could not move, I sense another presence as if to aggressively fling that thing from my prescience. And you do not have to study martial arts to experience this, haunted houses, or things that parents do that open doors that should not be opened, that can cause curses in families.

        Your video confirmed one of my experiences I could not explain, and never mentioned till now, I told one person, that person laughed (I thought it was wicked to laugh), unfortunately soon after the person that laughed within that week became mentally ill after entering the same room where I saw what I saw in the night. Even in Job in the Bible, the is mentions of spirits in the night.

        Also on another occasion I had a witness (that is when I realized it was not my imagination), a tall dark shadow. Then years later even a preacher described the same, an experience he had.

        Such things cannot be fought by any thing on earth only via the Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus, because GOD has anointed it.

        As a man whom does not believe in hocus-pocus, now I understand that the spirit world is real, for we ourselves are spirits, and GOD is a spirit. When we die in the physical realm here, our spirits, the true essence of us still exists and goes to one of two Kingdoms.

        I rather fear GOD then anything else. Because when things get strange in reality, I call on the name of Jesus, and healing in the name of Jesus is real. For all you that doubt, find a church in your area that believes in the name of Jesus Christ, read the Bible, test it and see. Don’t let any body. put you off, because if you have the ability to try and do yogga etc, why not then try Jesus instead, try and see.

      • Dear Eric,
        I seen your testimony before making my comment. You seem to be a man after God own heart. God bless you! Wish there more men like you! Now let’s get to the nuts & bolts. Would you agree that Peter whom Jesus loved was a Christian ? Of course, yet
        was it not Peter, who drew the sword in the garden of Getsiname, who cut the ear off the man who tried to arrest Christ. You have to be a pretty good swordsman to be able to perform this feat. I’m sure it was not the first time he held a sword, he must of practiced. Don’t you find it ironic that he had the sword to begin with ? Wouldn’t have Christ told
        Peter not to carry a sword ? Martial arts is a tool, no different than a car or a knife. The car can be used for good to give a church member a ride to church or to run someone over deliberately. The knife can be used to cut the dinner turkey or kill a man. So you see it is how and why it is used and not the tool it’s self. As a martial artist , you should be able to defend yourself and loved ones . Try to harm one of mom- a- bear’s cubs and see if she gets martial with you . Did Jesus grab a cat of nine tails and clean church ? Think about it, a man who does’nt protect his family, isn’t much of a man !

    • Sarah says:

      Hello Roger,
      When you speak of Peter with the sword, did you forget Jesus’s response? Maybe some more of your answer lies there. Because Jesus was very clear that those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. God also says that not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says The Lord God Almighty.
      Also a person I met told me the story of a man he met, who held a black belt. He asked the man what would he do if he met three other men who also had a black belt, equal strength and skill, how would he protect himself. The man admitted he didn’t know what he would do. Well you call upon the name of Jesus he told him. Well about a week later, the man who had a black belt was using a public toilet. When he went in a cubicle, he heard three men who were black belts planning to attack him when he came out. He remembered the conversation with the man he’d had earlier in the wk and called out to Jesus. He then walked out of the cubicle and straight past the three men and not one of them touched him. I hope this helps.

  10. Karla says:

    I believe that coming from a man, who has personally devoted his life to living and teaching martial arts. It’s clear to me, that the writer’s intentions were mostly to educate us, about the truth of what/who really is behind the teachings of martial arts. We are indeed in the last days. The Bible teaches us; But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
    -1 Corinthians 2:14. I pray to the Lord that we open our eyes and soften our hearts to His truth. Blessings!

  11. Vinky says:

    I read most of the comments defending the martial arts and some even try to say balancing the good and evil.These shows me the following things:-
    1.Have agained social and individual values that is not from God’s word
    2.To trust ourselves , i.e with our own efforts to encage the world power and succumbing to it
    3. Got sedecued by the power and there by ignoring God in the many areas of our life

  12. I find this article as eye opener for those who are slowly and steadily stepping way from the true life that God has given to man which is abundant life to the full.
    Just like Eve was deceived in the Garden of Eden, all us are getting into this self defense practice which in the history had little effect in stopping the western empires from taking their kingdoms who had all the meditation techniques and all the knowledge that the West was lacking at that period of time.
    I don’t support the West or East but the truth of the life which remains hidden from the facts of the seen world.
    In Fact Christian history revolves around Middle East and Asia not as you can see in America or west by their Christian practice. So it has nothing do with the West, In Fact the eastern kingdoms also had received the preaching of the gospels which was largely rejected.
    “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but he who heeds counsel is wise.” Proverbs 12:15
    “He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.” Proverbs 13:20
    “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.” 1 John 2:16
    “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are saved it is the power of God. For it is written: ‘I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.’
    “Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the disputer of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?
    “For since, in the wisdom of God, the world through wisdom did not know God, it pleased God through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe. For Jews request a sign, and Greeks seek after wisdom; but we preach Christ crucified, to the Jews a stumbling block and to the Greeks foolishness, but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” 1 Corinthians 1:18-25
    “…God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;” 1 Corinthians 1:27
    “Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.” 1 Corinthians 2:12
    God’s standard are not men’s standard but plan of God will prevail even if the entire world stands against it.
    Has it is written no Man can serve two masters either its God or the practice of the World. There is no compulsion involved here you can either choice Life or Death, As God puts it and says choose life because God does not want anybody to perish but the choice is all yours and its results too.

  13. And what is your opinion (as Christians) for the European Martial Arts – as Fighting, Boxing, Wrestling, Kick-boxing, Fencing and so on? Some of them come from the ancient times in Europe – such as Pankration of the Thracians and the Greeks which is the ancient form of the modern MMA. Others come from The Middle ages of Europe and are mainly knightly arts of war. Do you think that they have a connection with the satan and the dragon too?

    • IT is all true says:

      All fighting can be traced back to the book of enoch when the fallen angels came to earth and taught man to make weapons. They might not delve into supersition, breath control, spiritualism but anything to do with fighting is warfare on a small scale, 1:1 = fight, 10 or more = war, if 1 person fights we say its just a fight, a few = a gang, a few gangs we call it a war – war is fighting, fighting is war. The world was filled with violence when those angels came to earth

  14. Ewald Kovalov says:

    I fully agree with A. Nuran and Vaughn Rana.

  15. Jim says:

    Keep speaking the Truth, no matter what. People even Christians need to hear and obey.

  16. Abbie R.Hale says:

    Great post! I’m really interested in martial arts. The styles, where it came from and who created it. And this article give me some great information. I have also read an article about greatest martial artist of all time. . Try to check it guys. What do you think about it?

  17. Also something else, in the history of art, the symbol of the dragon, is really the symbol of evil or the devil. So when you see old European paintings of a saint fighting a dragon, what they are really saying is they are fighting the strange unknown dark force. The dragon in art is pictured as the devil, Satan. In old European art, symbols are often used for forces that cannot be explained.

    And it is true about aincent Egypt, the Sun god etc, and worship. During my studyies of the history of Art, I saw it in many Egyption paintings, writings, carvings etc. So if you do not believe in spirits read the Bible: Genesis chapter 6, 1-4. You can read it in the King James Version and New International Version here:

    That Bible passage explains that, spirits from the heavenly realm where having sexual relationships with humans (Gods creation), and GOD warned those heavenly spirits about that, that it was not good. That resulted in children known as giants.

    They are called the Nephilim, half-human and half something not from this world. GOD warned the parents of the heavenly realm about teaching their children on earth certain things, all it did was cause them to use what they were taught to war and sin.

    GOD told the people after Moses generation to train the young men (fully human) to war, to purge the earth from such things, and the sins humans did including: incest, sleeping with animals etc, so whom know what other strange things was roaming the earth at the time. The world belongs to GOD, Spirits of wickedness should not be here. So now we have the name of Jesus to call on.

    So there is a route to arts, to the creative process. Now as far as humans are concerned, sometimes a creative process can start out meaning well, and then people or spiritual wickedness use it for evil, as is often the case, like what happened with Adam & Eve.

    In regards to Fighting Sports and faith. Seek Gods YAHWEH, guidance and pray, for direction, wisdom, insight and understand, and deliverance from temptation.

    I joined a Muay Thai class sometime back, I just wanted to learn the techniques for fighting fitness, and for self-defense (I think of Bible: David, and those decendants whom GOD advised should be trained in war, but GOD said something about do not be malice in the war or something).

    But I do not want to get involved with the bowing etc, or anything spiritual. By the way the Isreali Martial arts is mixed martial arts also and has some Judo and Karate in it. After learning martial arts by the way I stopped some fights in the street, a woman from being beaten by a stranger and more. My martial arts has helped others for the strange world we live in today.

    If you join a Martial Arts class, make your intentions clear, what you want to do, and that you do not bow to other gods, for off all things that nations do to anger the one True GOD YAHWEH is that thing, which as it says in the Bible GOD will cause such nations to be destroyed, relocated, dominated to serve other nations, and punished or pushed into slavery, and entire nations moved from their land, the worst thing that can be done is when they worship idols. Because as it is written in the Bible GOD is a jealous GOD, a GOD of love, and a GOD of war, and I add not to be taken lightly.

    So for a start as long as you know the spirit world is real, accept Jesus Christ into your heart and you find a church of Jesus Christ to learn the truth, you will find the way in Jesus.

  18. Andres says:

    In the first place the very simple process of everyday breathing supplies Chi/Ki/Prana to your body, on a physical and spiritual level. As air is not only made of oxygen, but also of this energy.

    Learning to harness Chi is not evil or wrong, but rather it only becomes wrong when the practitioner cultivating this force does so as a means to glorify their own Individual “I” for the purpose of exalting their lower material identity.

    In fact, practicing any martial arts without the presence of Christ within ones training is the true crime or the sin. For the individual training, is doing so from the space of the Individual “I”, who seeks to exalt themselves with the powers offered by the martial arts.

    Otherwise the energy of Chi or Ki in the air we breathe is as natural as hydrogen is in water = H2O. Learning to cultivate this energy within the fundamental principles of scripture is the aim and the secret.

    If you refer to the following Bible verse, you will see how this energy is a natural process of God’s creation.

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.
    John 1-5

    The unfortunate truth is that modern main stream martial arts have been bastardized over the years, and the fundamental spiritual principles have been lost. Majority of those who teach and train the martial arts do so from the space of the Individual ‘I” – from the “Fallen State of Being”. From this space man can only ever train the martial arts as the identity they mentally believe to be, but can never train it from a true Christlike spiritual level, because as this mental identity they are a by product of the mind and its own interpretation of what it understands to be spiritual. This is why eastern philosophy is detrimental to the Christian, because these systems only ever teach us how to obtain a state of “Mental Enlightenment” and not the authentic “Spiritual Enlightenment” Jesus the Christ demonstrated to us.

    • E Lye says:

      There is no such thing as a free lunch. You can go about harnessing Chi but where does Chi come from and who owns it? Could there be some box that gets ticked for – I have read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions – when you first start to harness/harvest/store/project Chi? Sort of like if you buy software that comes on a cdrom and it states that you agree, etc if you open the package and if you did not agree, you were to return the package unopened.

    • matio kong says:

      good to see somone actually studied chi and trys to understand and try not to bash so they can feel theyre realigions better for some reason.

  19. courtellis says:

    What about taekwondo in the Olympics?

    • E Lye says:

      It is supposed to be comedy but he has some valid observations in that the rules govern the tournament points you get awarded. It is nowhere near streetfighting. Systema looks good for actual combat. It has a ballistic punch rivaling the famous WIng Chun one-inch punch and it is at home on the ground as it is upright and best of all, it doesn’t seem to have any religious connections. One-on-one, one-against-many. From the youtube videos I have seen. It is pretty much up there.
      There is also an admission at 4:11 and 6:00 of about Buddhism. Some of those “repulsions” look positively occult. No martial arts, even Krav Maga, can hope to best such an exponent.

  20. i tend to agree with most of what you stated here in your statement about martial arts. for some reason i think you are corrrect. in christianity you are supposed to be good to your neighbor where as buddha beliefs make you think of yourself.
    and why would anyone want to learn how to kill anyone else or project the thoughts of doing that or a di mak of anykind. that is surely pure evil . anyone wishing to create harm on anyone else is not good.

    also if the asians were any good at martial artist begs the question why aren’t they good at soccer then because the same skills are required in soccer to kick as is the karate say. its all lies to project some kind of layer on people and give them a kind of false power.

    karate does not work in practicality anyway learning how to punch and kick is a good thing, but on the street these things do not work at all.

    hate of anykind is wrong even do we all practice this on a daily basis myself included. but that does not mean i want to kill anyone or wish harm upon them .

    the whole planet is being consumed by lies and bullshit. it is time to stop worshipping and serving gods and masters .

    also aikido is the most hypocritical art ever . they want you to get rid of your ego by practicing in a mirror but at the same time you are expected to bow and worship the guy who invented it . i say hypocrite, how egotistical is that?

    anyway thanks for reading my comments

  21. The danger is not in Martial arts or any art. The real art is knowing the true nature of our self. The true self has so much strength that the human brain can’t imagine and therefore gives rise to such terms as magic, esoteric etc.
    Thank you!

  22. Abel Roy says:


  23. amirsaeed says:

    Martial arts is how to fight. Martial arts is connected to spirtualisam. I am a spirtual expert. In what spirtualisam is human being has two spirits just look like him one is good one and one is bad one. human being can use his spirits. One person is dead than his spirtual life starts. he can use his spirit before death too if he knows how. Martial arts has a deep connection with spirits. There is one true God , than these angles, ghosts , small gods , devis, spirits of the dead all are present in the world i am a spirtual expert i know where true God is where devil is. there is heaven and hell too. Martial arts is a great game very connected to spirits.

  24. My brother sent me over to your article as he knows I have started practising kung fu recently. I have read most of the page, as I appreciate his concern for me. I’ll be honest it is really difficult to follow as you cut and blend martial arts ideas with snippets of edited history, bible reading and outright judgement. And you do all of this while absolutely omitting the real and positive health benefits of practising martial arts. Instead your personal religious agenda is what shines throughout.
    What I personally cannot digest is how easy is for anyone to stand in front of other people and pronounce themselves to be followers of “the true” religion not the fake ones. There are literally thousands of religions and beliefs around the world, some of which we may not even be aware of yet. As for the root of each, good luck trying to find them. People and their beliefs are never simple. And it is healthy to be like that. We are all searching for the same, but differently. In my opinion there is nothing more frightening that a whole planet following the same religion with the same beliefs and rites. That seems to me more dangerous than any iron palm.

    • Sarah says:

      I think the bottom line Sergiulaurian is that the writer is speaking to those who believe that Jesus is Lord and have confessed Him as Lord, to explain to them these practices and the power behind that. At this point in your life I doubt the relevancy to you as it appears from what you have said that you are not even sure what you believe is true, although I get the feeling you are searching. I put it to you, to put the question back to God&ask Him to reveal Himself to you, instead of someone’s idea and your own opinion. Regards

      • unknown are the ways of God. And yet we people keep on second guessing. I wonder how many of us commenting on this white electronic page in cyberspace have actually visited the culture and space where this art is originating from? How many of us have taken the time to do that?

  25. james webster says:

    Thanx you Eric for opening my eyes to the truth.i gave up the martial arts yesterday and i feel free from bondage.i felt a dark presence the moment i excepted the martial arts is sorcery,so please pray for me.but im happy and nolonger distracted from God.

    • Dear brother James,
      It is a pleasure to meet you, and I praise the LORD God for the miracles which He is doing in lives like ours across this world. If you are able, please send me an email at our ministry address (, and I will be happy to send you some very powerful and inspiring articles which the LORD shared with me, as He was working to set me free.

      And here is the link to disc.1 of The Dragon Revealed. I pray that it also will be a blessing to you.
      We are lifting you today, in faith and prayer. And I know that the LORD has heard already, because He has promised and simply cannot lie !

      Please also lift me and my family in your prayers each day. And may the LORD (Jehovah, Yehuwah) bless and keep you strong in faith, and the unfailing power of His Life-giving Word !
      your friend and brother in Christ Jesus,
      Eric Wilson and family – Isaiah Ministries

    • Shadow says:

      Horse balls. Absolute Horse Balls.
      I used to study theology. Finished mind you. With a degree in the bible its origins, translations and the like. From hebrew in the old testament to greek in the new. Guess what. What you are reading and what is the truth are very far removed from each other. Religious zealots are the same in every culture and every religion. You spreading lies with false information cause more harm than any martial artist living a peaceful life. Quiting verse after verse of the bible not even knowing the culture or the circumstance it was written in screams ignorance. I am also a martial artist. I own my own kung fu school. I can hit through bricks and bend poles with my throat etc. Not once has any evil spirit shown itself to me. Not once. Wake up buddy. Remember. The bible also warns against false prophets and that is exactly what you are. Plus your intolerance of others. What a great example.

      • thank you for speaking

      • Abaka says:

        I agree with u…..Bible was written by man….

      • matio kong says:

        good to see an actual cifu and not somone saying “im a teacher and such and such art is bad beacuase this random guy on the internet says so if your realigious and your agree with the article then why are you teaching? these poor people are being brainwashed by fear mongering such a shame i hope that theyell realize that theyre god isnt going to judge them for doing marital arts beacuase some random guy on the internet says so.To put it simply the extemeist are hurting theyre own cause as they say “divide and conquer”

  26. ReligionFanaticSlapper says:

    One thing never change. Christianity and religion fanaticcs.
    Take no matter what kind situation, even like u bell start ring to wake up in morning, and u can say its happened due devil, devil fault that bell rings, I should pray more that I could sleep more.

    Or if something happened good = its gods will, I got paid for work, But actually all workers got it.

    First of all if u want be real Christian u must live without:
    -Electricity – because its devils invention. After all saints = sorcery, withcrafting.
    – medical care – u must just pray for best, no operation, no medicaments and most important no medical TEAS because its witchcrafting.
    – cars, planes, internet and all what u can see arround.
    In order to be good christian u have to live like Jesus lived.
    Even now when we shake hands can be look like devils supervised act. Even boots, t shits, pants should be banned.

    So stop putting crap like this. Bible where written, then translated and interpreted so many times, so its hard to find what is real and what where added by fanatics.

    If person train his body most of time and he is stronger than non trained person, is that make him demoninc?? I think nop.

    • 7Th Day says:

      If I were you I would read the Bible to find out what it means to be a Christian, instead of your going by your silly ideas on what it means to be a Christian.

    • matio kong says:

      i agree i am all for realigion but im against people who use the bible as a weapon or as a way to control others by making them feel bad for what they believe in escpially here since god never even metioned marital arts to me their more blasphmoes beacuase they believe”if i think god must think it to” fools all they do is hurt their own realigion and they wonder why buddisht PHILOSPHY not realigion PHILOSPHY is spreading.Beacuase it conceides with christainty since they dont worship budda or sprits like the article says.That and they dont judge other realgions and pratice what they preach.People like this are the reason theyre so many against religion beacuase radicals judge others and think if they shout scripture theyre instanly right.Remember this even the devil can quote scripture to suite his own popurse

  27. Jeff says:

    What we really need are Christians who know how to form their self defense systems without paganism. Honor Christ in all things!

  28. daniel says:

    HI to all. I agree with some guys, In my opinion before doing anything we must identify our intention. the same things happens for example for using a knife; is it for killing somebody or for surgery. about some sports like wrestling wwe, it mostly looks like the old times as regard to Gladiators which the slaves were trained to kill each others in the parties. blood and more blood. it is something that evil wants; killing, anger. these wrestling promotes hated among people. However personally I like martial arts and I do it mostly alone. I hope we never use such power in the real world, just for being healthy.

  29. Diane says:

    I think you’ve just confirmed that there are in fact TWO things that never change: Truth, which is found only in Jesus Christ and the love and joy He gives to those who accept His salvation – which causes those who find Him to preach His salvation and Truth to others; and secondly, those who throw mud and a multitude of false ideas, erroneous opinions, views, superstitions or whatever else they come across, to try to drag that Truth into the gutter. Well, the fact of the matter is, that Truth will stand through whatever comes against it, and if you find Jesus, you will also find all your strange ideas expressed here will disappear like darkness in the presence of sunlight! I pray you will, for as one converted by the Lord Himself while experiencing demonic manifestations while involved in occult practices many years ago, I can tell you that Christ alone has the answers to ALL the problems in this universe, and He alone can give true peace and joy and happiness – which is how God always meant us to live in the first place.

  30. IYKE says:


  31. Realist says:

    Some people are so stubborn that they have to be force-fed the truth. All that is written here is true. In fact, according to Buddhists, there shall come a great teacher who will unite everyone on earth and bring about a single religion and a new conscience based on love. They call this great teacher Maitreya and claim that Muslims know him as Mhadi and Christians call him the Christ. This is non-other than the anti-christ who the ancient Mayans predicted would bring about cataclysmic change to earth. The same cataclysmic change new ageists call: the new golden age, or the age of aquarious.

  32. Ron Grubner says:

    Having watched an intense video production of this subject and fronted by man who reached the top level of his ” art ” .. even though I had already known of its origins and practice , I was left on no doubt that it is extremely dangerous to be involved in for ANYBODY. Starting at grassroots level , the whole object of these practices are to train and control the ” inner person ” to believe that everyone has attributes we never use .Ok, that is true to a point alright , but it means completely allowing ones self to be manipulated to the point where nothing else matters and the whole life’s purpose is to focus on to attain that level It is often addressed as meditation in different forms but in reality it opens the mind/heart/spirit to acceptance of spiritual forces opposing God .And that occurs at it’s lowest level by those who do not understand or believe in God as well as those who do .It is VERY SUBTLE and encourages participants to keep getting to the next level . The worst damage is done to the spirit as it offers an alternative to biblical truth …and of course God. It’s where this ” New Age ” thinking originates saying that we are all ” Part of the one universe ” and the Spirit is merely a force and not the Triune God and Creator .It also leads to reincarnation etc. which is NOT of God and from the Bible. Such is the danger of opening the mind to such influences and forces and making it very difficult for truth to be accepted. .
    It cost the presenter of the video his wife and family but thankfully she was a strong Christian and they reunited when he understood and accepted his actions had cost him the ultimate because he also moved away from God.
    So you think it is harmless even at the lowest level ? Many are deceived that way when they think they are self reliant and in control .Particularly when they see Christians taking part , it is viewed as harmless thus God obviously agrees with it . The devil is a master of lies and deception .He uses a counterfeit to the learning of a new believer where a Christian starts ” as a child” by learning the basics .The Martial Arts are a religion !
    The video recommended here ….The Dragon Revealed ” is the one I spoke of and is in 2 parts .The second one is very instructive with many biblical references and well worth a watch.

  33. Hello Sarah,
    Just read your comment in reference to mine. No one said anything about living by the sword!
    Peter didn’t live by the sword, he lived by every word that preceeded from the mouth of God. Study to show thy self approved ! Read the verse where Christ say for everyone to buy a sword ! Christ response was to heal the man who lost his ear because He came to be crucified, not run from death!
    I am a Martial Artist, and if confronted by your three black belts of equal skill and strength,
    I would use my brain to out wit them !!! Study the scriptures so you can see the Light !
    May you grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ !!!

  34. Dee hall says:

    Thank you for this information! Alot and too many people who seen this still want to hold on to self and justify evil practices and not surrender All. IT takes THE POWER OF GOD ALMIGHTY to open up our SPIRITUAL EYES to be able to walk away from evil practices and have the willingness to do so. It is a BIG DEAL when we open doors to these demonic practices. When we don’t want to let go, we live a bartending Christian life because we serve our GOD a mixed drinking of sinning lifestyle that hinders our walk in Righteousness and hurts GOD. THE POWER OF THE (HOLY) SPIRIT IS ALL The Christian needs, of any age. Trusting in man is… not enough.

  35. Forrest says:

    As both a believer and practitioner of self-protection for the last 40 years, my own journey through the ways of self defense began in the martial arts at a very young age. Beginning with traditional eastern arts with a Texas style flavor to them, I was never introduced to meditation, or the eastern religious ideology. My first instructors were very secular, as self defense and competition were the mainstay. It was later on that I was curious about most things eastern, and did study up on them. But I found that even though the martial arts do bring forth a cultural worldview, born to them, did not mean that it began with them. Martial arts mean, “Warfare methods.” Style is just a name for a particular view of fighting in war. In the beginning religion did not totally play into these methods. For survival during periods of war was the first thought. In time of peace did men bring their particular worldview into what they practiced, and in turn teaching, what they perceived as a correct path for their students. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I do not necessarily ask my students to follow in my faith, but instead I will live it out before them. What I teach first and foremost is the ways of being aware and seeking to avoid violent places and situations. If they face a situation, then I teach them to try to walk away. Only if they cannot do they apply the knowledge to escape to safety. My witness is in how I conduct myself on a daily basis. As all practitioners know, how you walk and carry yourself will shine forth for all to see. As a believer It will shine forth as well.

  36. Sambhav says:

    I dont disrespect any religion because this is what my religion taught me(Hinduism) to be tolerant to every religion as everyone has a different way to worship god!! As a martial artist o laugh at the thoughts presented here,as the person who is writing this post is someone ignorant about martial arts!! There is nothing occult about it. It is the expression of your energy. Some one to blame should be western media who has shown martial arts in a different light. Search carefully and the truth shall set u free!👍

  37. nadya orca says:

    OMG! My son and I both go to martial art (Soo Bahk Do) and I for sure don’t believe in it to be evil…I am a believer of God, born a muslim, but I don’t pray 5 times (do pray once in the evening) We do bow down to the “American Flag” when we enter the Do Jang, out of respect, we also bow to our instructor, also out of respect…(Where I come from, we never walked into our house with our shoes as that is bringing in “god knows what” I totally don’t believe in the above crap, as you can believe in God and study Martial Art..We all have some sort of strength that god gives us, some more then others and not everyone is capable or able to be a doctor/nurse/electrician and martial artist. I believe that we as humans have to have a balance. We need to believe in god in a healthy way, but some I can see have that “god complex syndrome” and might need to see a good psychiatrist. I would rather have my son practice martial arts then him hanging out on the streets, or playing video games.

  38. Cristopher says:

    Friend… regiliocentrism is the way you live an act centered on your own ego and instead of breaking it you create a bigger external proyection ofgood and evil or your own selfish dominant character, so that is easier to fight or blame than facing your own defects and improve yourself accepting critisism usually to lead people to subordinate to a group or a deity. If you go over this you start loving others and yourself. Thats the way you love God even in the bible. Any text that is in our hands served kings that enslaved people, killed, brainwashed and served cruel selfish purposes and we have no way to check that not even the first text of any religion or faith or whatever is not a lie or a manipulation used for mass control, but our hearts tell us that immediately taking a look with our love (part of the spirit God left us) at history and wars.
    The way you just wrote, that your vision condemns martial arts I respect because you are a person. But at least I use no weapons like you did, not even psichological” weapons” like your quotes from the bible. I use the words that my being creates in the moment and I think even the bible said that thats the way we should do it ( and that God puts the words in our mouths when we really have faith and speak of/with love).
    You even refered to someone else’s words like an argument by the authority, but here is a lack of Hope, Faith and Love. Just too many bad expressions and demonic things. I dont gice power to that by not even using those words. Love gives us better words and without that we just suffer. In my opinion all you said is just another pagan version of what Imperialists want our people to believe.
    But faith is with god above all things, not with groups of close minded people that even say that we are not equal, like spiritual sons and daughters of the same father-mother (In the bible for example God loves like father and mother). Thia methaphor is that we are all valuable people and that we love.

    I’m sorry that yoy just have seen with so much strong and hard opinion. I though the bible said God’s power is best in weakness and you just seem too strongly convinced.
    You may learn from that the bible is not literal completely. (If read with spirit (Life=Hope Faith Love. Love the greatest)
    And also that if you reject people like that you are also rejecting God because if yoy dont love those you know or meet, how would you love someonw that you havent been close enough to hug?

    And by the way for example : karaté was made for life and gives life. We just know all the vital vulnerabilities to get out of the situation when facing danger with no permanent damage to anyone or death. We defeat ourselves as our main goal just like good people does every day. And we heal inside mind, heart and soul and we heal outside getting better and treating the body we were given respectfully.
    But I agree some people is just not prepared fo this. They seek power just like churches all ovr the world, dominance and quantity but not quality.

    I hope to seek love, and I have faith I can be love in life. Maybe this “unnatural powers” or supernatural things from God (even talents you mentioned) are just natural for God. And the lie here is that you are implying they are not and evwn demonize it.
    Following Christian vision I decided to love God above all things and no church or group of people will be my superior or master. Because we are all equal yoy are my peer.
    Also so much fantasy the physical world… we just invented words so calling it physical will not change the fact that it is sacred and valuable. We just limit what is physical or not because we think we know. But thats just knowledge. Wisdom comes from Love. And God is love.
    Get off the ego cloud and love more imperials.

  39. Jacob says:

    This article is hilarious and pathetic. You’ve obviously never practiced martial arts in your life. But as someone who went to catholic church until I was old enough to see through the bullshit, which was about 12 btw, and who has practiced martial arts you are wrong on just about everything. You are just making crap up and pulling from the bible which was just crap made up 2000 years ago. Grow up and live your life before it is over. No sky fairy is coming to claim your soul when you die.

  40. VinodKumar says:

    I want to learn marsal art or material art.

    • E Lye says:

      Research Krav Maga or Systema. Those do not have any spiritual connections or rituals.

      • Dear brother Lye,
        I would encourage all who are considering “krav maga,” to also take a close look at where the founder received his instruction and inspiration. It did not come from the Word of the Living God. Unfortunately, so many today have been misled into believing that . . . just because it is “Israeli” it has to somehow have Jehovah’s endorsement. This is not True. It is well worth the time to look up this man’s background and martial “lineage,” and then decide about the art’s spiritual influence.

        May our Lord and Saviour bless and guide you !
        your friend and brother in Christ Jesus,
        Eric Wilson – Isaiah Ministries

  41. DN Shastri says:


  42. Leslie Ortiz says:

    Oh my goodness these responses are ridiculous. Fear mongering and preventing people from practicing physical health principles – just because they are from Asia and not straight out of the “Bible” – are just plain crazy ideas. To use the Bible to control people and their decisions for their own health and physical exercise to me is just nothing more than hypocrisy. Martial Arts students: Keep on exercising! Keep on praising the Lord!

    • Dear sister Leslie,
      The information shared here is for the purpose to give every reader the opportunity to make a decision for themselves . . . a decision based not only upon the Word of the Living God, but also with the testimony of a Christian who has spent more than 24 years of his own life involved in these eastern mystical arts.

      There is a great difference between “controlling” another person, and simply giving them the opportunity to make a better decision.
      If you have not yet seen them, here are 2 powerful film clips which shed great Light on this question . . . Not only from the Bible, but through the testimony of the masters and gurus of these arts themselves. I pray that this will give you food for thought. – The Dragon Revealed ! disc.1 (original film set) – Subtle Seduction, Australia Series, part.4

      May our LORD bless and keep you !
      your friend and brother in Christ Jesus,
      Eric Wilson and family – Isaiah Ministries

    • matio kong says:

      ahmen unlike them you remember the golden rule of the bible love thy neigbor as thyself.

  43. Krystalon Smith says:

    I had just attended a Bible Study group the other night. I’ve recently learned that there are hidden demonic spirits everywhere.

  44. matio kong says:

    rediculous believing that karate or other marital arts are sinful beacuase there from the east what nonsense! marital arts are always taughet for self defense only.So tell me how does the believe i shoudent punch somone unless they try to kill me sinful?Also you misunderstand what chi is.Chi is a natural enegry you can harness theirs not any religious context to it.In fact something like chi has been scientifucally porven and accepted its called adreline. Lets also not forget that the jewish did fight in wars and so did christians “cough cough crusades “cough cough the war to come in revolations cough cough british empire cough cough the piligrams “cough besides christain praying is used by other religions like you know jewish people. If your against other views beacuse the person who came up with them was a differnt reigion then you may want to look at your own since jesus was born jewish.When people mediatate theirs little to no religious connection your just trying to clear your mind not contact demons! Thats like me saying sleeping is a sinful hotline it makes no sense. To me i believe in gods rule that you cleverly ignored love thy neigbor as thy self! you know the saying thats said over and over in the bible compared to your one or two stories about bad people who happpen to knew how to fight.To me people like you are blasphmis beacuase you assume you know how god would judge somthing when you are just a sinful human escpillay since i don’t think theirs a verse saying karate ands the marital arts where made by deamons. People like you using the bible as a weapon to me is far greater a sin then learning about another cfulture annd using hell as a fear tatic wouldent work on an athiest or somone of antother reigion cause they don’t believe in hell.I love my realition with god and i don’t see the loving god i worship being a big man in the sky daming people to hell beacuase they practice marital arts>If you wish to belive such things fine but dont try to turn your views and pose them as god.You’re hurting the cause you claim to help i pray you didnt depress christian and made them feel bad beacuase of what they practied if so lord have mercy for you are hurting your fellow men and other readers please don’t believe and remember “even the devil can qoute scripture to suite his own pourpose”

  45. matio kong says:

    This is one of the most idiotic things ive ever heard.Frist of all as i said eariler karate dosent support violence it does the exact opposite we only use it for self defense only so why is it a sin? .Also just beacuase the person who created karate wasnt a christian dosent mean it was created by satan. Also an agurment they use is that chi is some sort of deamon magic. First off chi isnt some sort of realigious philopsy while its true that some realigions have somthing like chi,chi itself is not a realigious magic.Chi is just engry we can harnest to make ourself stronger . somthing like chi has been scientfically proven to exist called adreline . Only differnce is supposedly you can control chi and use it whenever you want.Compared to adreline which is activated in extreme cicrumstances.Some also claim that we meditate so we can contact the spirts and deamons and that stuff which again is wrong.meditation is used to clear your mind its simply focusing on a certain thaught.The thaught you focus on is up to you rather if its thinking of the move you just learned,or trying to remember a kata,or just simply focusing on breathing.So while it can and is used for realigios reasons from eastern realgions thats not necesarlly what meditation is. And in most dojos they dont really talk about realigious belifs or political belifs or any of that.Thats one of the main reasons i love karate or just marital arts in gernal.Everyone their has their own unique opinion their own lifes,some conteract one another and yet,it doesent phase anyone.They all have a common goal to better one self phiscally,mentally and spirtually.So just beacuase jesus wasnt rocking a black belt dosent mean its anti realigious or satanic.Also if you go by the violence angle as i said karate only used for self defense and christians do have violence like wars or the crusades.I beliieve the more judgemental ones should remember to love thy neigboior as thy self! escpially since jesus didnt say anything against karate cause it dint even exist yet! To me youre way more blashmoses and against god because you believe you know exactly how god views stuff like this.Dont you realize youre hurting and brainwashing thy neigbors?If you are into the marital arts and realigios dont let these people make you feel bad about it.Just beacuase theyre against marital arts dosent mean god is.If god is all knowing and the wisest of all how can we even assume to know exactly how he views these matters escpially since he didnt say any comandment for or against it?if youre realigious and against karate for other reasons thats complety fine.You have the right to that opinion im just trying to dismantale the false misconceptapitaons and the stright up lies.This was not made to bash your realigious belifs.Im not against people who dont like karate im against the lies or misinformation about karate!

  46. I am slightly offended that this site calls the beliefs of my grandparents and ancestors a “false religion” . It starts out fine then turns into Right Wing Christian bullsh*t
    and that is just the first page!
    They basically said: ” well it’s not Christian so…Satan”
    I do not appreciate that one bit.

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