Charismatic Confusion

This book features eyewitness reports of three of the largest ecumenical charismatic conferences ever held in North America: New Orleans ’87, Indianapolis ’90, and St. Louis 2000.

The reports deal with things such as charismatic tongues, ecumenism, evangelicalism, spirit slaying, prophesying, kingdom building, rebuking the devil, fire baptism, spiritual warfare, divine healing, contemporary worship music, Roman Catholicism, Mariolatry, the Mass, and the gospel.

One chapter is on “The New Prophets.”
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17 Reasons Why I Left the Tongues Movement

The author states, “After a service one evening a Christian brother, who is a minister in the Pentecostal Movement, approached me and asked, “Can you tell me in a sentence or two why you left the Pentecostal Movement?”

He was asking for an impossibility! How could I condense all that was involved in a major, life-altering decision into one or two sentences? I left for a number of reasons, and just simply to itemize them without a good explanation backed up by Scripture would accomplish very little and could actually result in misunderstanding.

In this testimony I purpose not only to list some of the main reasons why I left or why I am not in the Tongues Movement today, but also expand on each one.

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