ProTestify: Being Protestant in the 21st Century


The 2016 Thinking of God Ministry Conference









ProTestify: Being Protestant in the 21st Century

500 years in the making…

Protest was the spirit of the 16th century Reformation. With that protest came a testifying and re-establishment of the Bible as the centre of authority. The Reformers, whilst differing over some issues, rallied around the sole authority of Scripture, and the truth that we are justified through faith. A unity which was preserved in the great confessions of faith – the 39 Articles, the Westminster Confession, the Savoy Declaration and the 1689 Baptist Confession. By identifying ourselves as Protestants, historically, it meant we stood in, and with, that great spirit and principles of the Reformation.

However, where does that leave us in the 21st Century? With different issues and challenges to face? What does it mean to be Protestant today? Is the label itself still relevant?

At the 2016 Thinking of God’s Ministry Conference (TOGCON), our plenary speakers Simon Manchester and John McClean will focus on the theme ‘ProTestify’, looking at how we can reclaim our Protestant roots, as well as considering how we testify as Protestants in the 21st Century. Along with a raft of workshops from other notable evangelicals, we will be acknowledging that while still Protestant, what it means for us to be ProTestifying.

Join us for a day of rich Biblical teaching, and pastorally-helpful workshops, as we reclaim the past to prepare for the future.

2 Keynote Speakers

4 Workshops

Hear advice and challenges about issues which are pastorally relevant.


What is it all about?

TOGCON is the annual conference of Thinking of God. It is a conference designed to bring together pastors and church leaders who identify as reformed evangelicals from across denominational lines with the purpose of sharpening and challenging them both theologically and pastorally.

TOGCON shares the same vision of Thinking of God. It sees that scriptural truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ are constantly being eroded within and without Christendom. It sees the promotion and idolatry of materialism and consumerism within the Church with the view that God wants us to be “comfortable and prosperous, healthy and wealthy” rather than sacrificial preachers of the Gospel. It sees an increasing amount of individuals are twisting or challenging the sufficiency of both scripture and the atoning death of Christ. Therefore, it is TOGCON’s earnest hope and desire to reaffirm the core tenents of the Christian faith and to motivate, by extension, local churches to do the same.

TOGCON is interdenominational like Thinking of God. It is a conference where, whilst we may differ on baptism, ecclesiology, eschatology, and spiritual gifts — we are all theologically like-minded and hold to beliefs which are tied to the reformed tradition.

TOGCON is entirely Australian. Whilst we appreciate the hardwork that our fellow Gospel workers have done overseas. We will always strive to ensure our speakers and panelists are Australian or have done extensive ministry in Australia. We feel that this is specifically important, as it is these individuals who have done the ‘hard yakka‘ and are able to provide wisdom in working in a uniquely Australian context.

TOGCON is a conference designed by ministry leaders for ministry leaders. As such, we do our best to ensure that talks and panels are as relevant as possible to people in ministry.



John McClean

Christ College


Simon Manchester

St Thomas’ North Sydney


Patricia Weerakoon

Itinerant speaker


Kamal Weerakoon

Epping Presbyterian


Craig Glassock



Mark Gilbert


+more to be confirmed!



Strand 1 – Sex, Gender, and Identity – Patricia and Kamal Weerakoon

Patricia and Kamal Weerakoon will be seeking to help ministry leaders understand the current societal shift in gender and sex. Providing the underpinning framework as well as the current scientific data available. They will both then help assist the audience approach the issue in a way which is theologically robust.

Strand 2 – Discipleship – Craig Glassock

We’re all called to make disciples, and Craig Glassock, of Vinegrowers, will help ministry leaders look at how they could be more effective in creating a culture of disciple making within the church and help train up the next generation.

Strand 3 – The Beauty of Complementarianism – To Be Confirmed

Strand 4 – To Be Announced


Christ College

1 Clarence St, Burwood NSW, 2134

more information


Tickets including access, plus morning & afternoon teas and refreshments (Lunch not included.)



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TOGCON is a conference designed to bring together pastors and church leaders who identify as reformed evangelicals from across denominational lines with the purpose of sharpening and challenging them both theologically and pastorally.

From 2014…

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