WESTMINSTER SHORTER CATECHISM WITH PROOF TEXTS Q. 23. What offices doth Christ execute as our Redeemer? A. Christ, as our Redeemer, executed the offices of a prophet,of a priest,and of a king, both in his estate of humiliation and exaltation. executed the offices of a prophet [62] Deuteronomy 18:18. I will raise them up a […]


The Binding of Satan

by Douglas Kelly Revelation 20 is the only place in the Bible that speaks of “the millennium”—the thousand-year reign of the triumphant Christ on earth. Nowhere else does Holy Scripture mention this word, so it is necessary to look at related teachings elsewhere in Scripture to understand what it means in Revelation. A sound principle […]

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Christian Zionism and Messianic Judaism Chapter 8 of The Sociology of the Church Essays in Reconstruction James B. Jordan, Th. M. Geneva Ministries Tyler, Texas Copyright 1986 James B. Jordan ISBN 0-939404-12-5 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 86-080571 Printed in the United States of America Typesetting by Thoburn Press, Tyler, Texas Published by Geneva […]

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Creedal Amillennialism

by Rev. Ron Cammenga Rev. Cammenga is pastor of Southwest Protestant Reformed Church in Grandville, Michigan.Bound by the Creeds The Reformed creeds define the Reformed faith. What it is to be Reformed, the creeds establish. The creeds are the standard against which every teaching that claims to be Reformed and clamors for acceptance by Reformed […]

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‘Transgender’ Preacher Tells Baptist Gathering ‘Angel of Reason’ Helped Affirm Desire to Be Woman

By Heather Clark on April 17, 201620 Comments ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The nation’s first “transgender” Baptist preacher spoke to a national Baptist gathering on April 8, explaining that the doctor who delivered him as a baby was wrong in declaring him a boy, and that it was an “angel of reason” that caused him […]

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