School Shooting. New Movie.

  Living WatersInspire & Equip, WATCH TRAILER Another school shooting today! At least 10 dead. It is because of these ongoing tragedies that we decided to release our new film today: “School Shootings: the cause and the cure, in twenty minutes…for those who want to know.” The world doesn’t know why these events are […]

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Are There Carnal Christians?

from Nathan W. Bingham May 16, 2018 Category: Ligonier Resources In this brief clip from our 2015 Fall Conference, R.C. Sproul rejects the doctrine of the carnal Christian. Transcript One of the great and ghastly errors—not just error but heresy—that permeates the evangelical world today is the doctrine of the carnal Christian. The doctrine of the carnal Christian was first […]

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May 13: Van Horn on WSC Q.’s 70-71

by archivist STUDIES IN THE WESTMINSTER SHORTER CATECHISM by Rev. Leonard T. Van Horn Q. 70. Which is the seventh commandment? A. The seventh commandment is, Thou shalt not commit adultery. Q. 71. What is required in the seventh commandment? A. The seventh commandment requireth the preservation of our own and our neighbor’s chastity, in […]

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October 26: William Swan Plumer

26 October, 2014 in October 2014 by archivist | No comments On the Utter Necessity of Humility in Theological Studies “It therefore becomes a matter of great practical importance how we shall treat the mysteries of the religion we profess to embrace. The errors on this subject are two. Some give up all that is […]

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      Alasdair Groves and David Powlison sit down and talk about reading Scripture. Length: 23:15   Additional Resource: “Psalm 103 with David Powlison” by David Powlison This and similar topics related to bringing life to Scripture and Scripture to life will be addressed further at the 2018 National Conference. Click here for more […]

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